How early should we pre-book our tour of choice?

Inventory is limited so it is best to reserve your tour of choice in advance. Reserve your excursion today! Booking can be made months in advance or up to 12 hours before the cruise ship docs at the port.

Are the excursions safe?

Absolutely, we are the certified award-winning provider of excursions for Sandals Resorts throughout the Caribbean. At Island Routes Tours the safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. Our exclusive, 100-point tour inspection is carried out regularly on each and every aspect of every tour, ensuring all equipment and processes are safe and maintained to the highest standards. We only certify partners and tours that pass our inspections consistently.

Are the boats and equipment insured?

Even though we live and operate fully in the Caribbean we are guided by international standards. We have set the industry standard for insurance providing the most comprehensive coverage in the Caribbean. All of our marine craft are well maintained and inspected regularly, and we've raised the bar by having our standards above those required legally by the regulatory body in the Caribbean. All crew members are trained lifeguards and certified in First Aid and CPR.

What happens to our tour if it rains?

Excursions do operate in wet weather however always within safety guidelines. Some of our tours are actually further enhanced by the rainy weather. You are in safe hands! Your tour is non- refundable for voluntarily choosing not to participate due to inclement weather; when the program is still operational.

Where will we be picked up for our Island Routes Tour?

We pick you up right at the cruise ship pier. Very specific instructions will be provided to you on your confirmation. When you disembark, there will be an Island Routes Specialist holding a large Island Routes sign, to escort you to your tour bus or private car.

What time will we be picked up?

Pick up times vary from excursion to excursion. You will receive a pick up time based on your specific reservation and ship itinerary. These will be reasonable given your arrival time. Your specific pick up time may be confirmed with our Caribbean experts as you wish. Call toll free 1(877)-768-8370

What's included in the tour?

Every Island Routes tour includes round-trip transportation and entry to attractions. Some tours also include snacks or refreshments, if that is the case, it will be included in your tour description, and otherwise snacks may be purchased at the venue. Ask our experts if in doubt.

**for every tour round trip transfers are available but are optional in some territories for some tours.

What should we take on the tour?

Most tours require our guests to take sunscreen, cash, camera and towel. Our tour descriptions include the specific items we recommend, and below is a list of the most common items:

**Some of our locations have lockers for your items. Kindly verify if needed and cost.

How can we pay for our tours?

You can pay with major credit cards -- Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American express when you make your reservation online or by phone with one of our Island Routes shore excursion experts. * All prices are quoted in US dollars.

What if I need to cancel my tour?

Cancellations are done by sending a request in writing to Be sure to include your name, confirmation number, proof of payment and reason for cancellation. Please refer to our cancellation policy above.

Is the transportation time included in the time on the site?

No, the transportation time is not included in the tour time. However, you will receive a pick up time with your confirmation.

How close are these tours from the port?

Island Routes offers tours that may be within a couple of miles of the cruise ship port as well as sought after experiences that are an hour or more away. No matter which Island Routes excursion you choose we will get you back to your ship on time. We also have logistics in place in the event that there are challenges.

Should we just go on our own or get a guided tour?

It is always wise to explore with certified operators that offer guided tours. We are a member of the Sandals Group of Companies, and we pride ourselves in offering excellent service, and as such offer an unbeatable value for your limited time in port.

We also offer the possibility of customizing your own tour option which will help to give you a bit of both.

Exploring on your own is always an option. Should you decide to make your own arrangements make sure to ask to see valid licenses and insurance policies, always settle on a price before you set out and leave plenty of time to get back to the ship in case there are un-anticipated delays.

Should we do a tour by land or sea?

Whether you choose land or sea, we have great options! Imagine taking an exclusive beach break with all drinks, meal and resort activities included or try another dimension of the island and walk away with memories of a lifetime. Our Caribbean Specialists will be happy to guide you to the best option for your lifestyle perhaps we could use family's preference instead of lifestyle.

Do we need our camera?

Many of our excursions offer professional photos for sale that are taken during your adventure tour. These pictures capture the best spots and moments where it may be challenging to do it yourselves. However, if you would like to bring your own camera please keep in mind what kind of excursion you're doing and bring cases or bags that will keep it protected from water or debris.

What experiences are geared towards young children? Teens and Tweens?

Experience a wide range of tours with something for everyone that captures the best that each destination has to offer. Excursions include unique animal encounters, exhilarating rides and zip lines as well as historical and cultural experiences for the young and young at heart. Each excursion has been evaluated for appropriate age groups and these are indicated in the tour descriptions on our website, or our Island Routes Specialist can guide you by phone.

What is the value of private transportation?

For your comfort and convenience, we are happy to arrange private transportation for you or your group. Private transfers offer flexibility, privacy for your romantic getaway, or a way to keep your group together with ease. Depending on your purpose of travel and the dynamics of your family a private excursion may suit you best. Call our Island Routes Specialist for options.

What are bespoke excursions?

Perhaps you have been to the port many times, it may be time to experience something new. A bespoke excursion is a one-of-a-kind tour that we create just for you. Let us know what you'd like to do and we'll make it an extraordinary experience. Call and speak to our Island Routes Specialists to make your dream a reality!

Should I book through my Travel Agent?

We have made it easy for anyone to book with us. Most travel agents have registered with us and enjoy the convenience and the satisfaction it brings to their clients. We are an award-winning excursion provider that travel agents have endorsed. Have your Travel agent take care of the reservations for you- no problem, no worries (Just the way vacations were intended to be)

How do I book an excursion?

Book your tour on our user-friendly website or contact our call center and speak with one of our Caribbean Specialists toll free at 1(877)-768-8370 from the USA or Canada. We can also customize a unique experience just for you and your party, if you want to escape the crowds. Best of all we don't charge a last minute booking fee like the rest, we are travellers too.

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